Signing Day 2023

Valor Christian’s Signing Day marked an exciting day for our athletes who committed to play sports at the college level. Valor had a total of 36 students sign to collegiate sports, nine students signed on Wednesday, January 1, 2023 and 27 signed on November 9, 2022. Signing day is a celebration of students’ hard work and dedication in their sport, as well as their academic pursuits. Signing Day marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, and it’s a day that they will always remember. 

Zach Wilson, the college recruiting coordinator for Valor, spoke on what it is like for these athletes to sign as well as other information about Signing Day. “Well it’s an exciting time and certainly a lot of work goes into making it happen and a lot of people assist in putting it together,” Wilson said, “but it’s a really great event really to just celebrate our student athletes who have worked so hard to get to where they want to be athletically which is to play college athletics.”

He acknowledges the hard work and dedication required of these athletes to achieve their athletic goals, specifically to play college sports and also the hard work these athletes have put in, “for that all to come together finally to somewhere where they can call home athletically and academically for the next four years is a really special time for them,” Wilson noted. It truly is special for these athletes to finally make their dreams a reality. 

In the Signing Day event, each of the nine athletes talked about their stories and experiences during the recruitment process. Ben Leikam said during his speech, “It would be pretty impossible not to recognize the hand that God’s had over me and my family throughout this whole process.” Hearing from these athletes about their experiences, inspires the Valor community. Leikam signed to Wichita State and to play baseball in the fall. 

 Rowdy Beers said in his speech, “I would first like to thank God for the supply of sovereignty and grace that I’m standing here in front of you all today.” Beers is signed to go to Florida International to play football in the fall and the Valor community is so proud of him and his accomplishments as well.

Signing Day was an amazing event for these athletes, coaches, friends and family are proud of all of the signed athletes. The Valor community wants to congratulate them on their accomplishments and are looking forward to their future achievements.