The Winter Art Show


The Winter Art Show on February 4th, held at the Valor Center, brought in hundreds of students, parents and staff to celebrate the Valor Art Department. The Winter Art show showcased all fall semester students’ hard work. All throughout the Valor Center hung, paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, posters, and even skateboards. Created from level one classes to Valor’s Visual Arts Conservatory classes, every arts student got to see their art on full display. 

“It’s nice to get the artwork out of the classroom,” said Trista Clagett, Valor ceramics teacher, “and visible for everyone to see.” The Valor Arts department values getting students involved in the process of showcasing their work, and getting comfortable in illustrating their efforts. 

“I think the winter art show was a great way for students to display their art,” said Megan Holliday, a junior Valor Conservatory art student, “in a way that strengthens their confidence in their own art and invites other people into their lives to enjoy what they’ve created.” Students bring their families and friends to come see their work hanging on the wall, and together celebrate all their work.  

The Winter Art Show is dynamic and gets people involved, in one of the galleries showcased graphic design students “zines”, projects where students were given the freedom to create a short magazine of their interest. Set up with chairs and a zine rack, the gallery gave students the unique experience to show off their creation, but also giving visitors a special experience to engage with students’ art. 

The Winter Art Show fully showcased all of the students’ talents, abilities and effort. “[The Winter Art Show] shows how much Valor appreciates its students, so much so that they will put together a whole show just to display their hard work,” says Holliday. Valor, giving the students the ability and opportunity to display their hard work and passions, illustrates how it is investing in all departments. As Valor Media Chair, Natalie Tsydal said, “The Art Show is such a fantastic way to highlight all our students’ hard work.” Let’s continue to celebrate all of our art students’ hard work!