The Big 5: The top five news stories this week (2/1-2/7)

What’s been in the news?

From earthquakes shaking Turkey, to a spy balloon sweeping across America. The beginning of February has been filled with some particularly newsworthy events.

Here is a quick run down of some of the biggest headlines from February 1st through February 7th.


Spy Balloon:

On February 2nd, a Chinese Spy Balloon flew over Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base. The Spy Balloon entered U.S. airspace over Idaho on January 1st. The Chinese government claims the Balloon was only a metrology research blown off course. This Chinese Spy Balloon is raising national securities questions as Chinese intelligence encroaches on the U.S. intelligence and safety. On February 4, off the coast of South Carolina the balloon was shot down, by an order from President Biden. A second balloon was found over South America on February 6th. 




Photo by Smiley.tourist on Wikipedia commons.

Ohio Train Derailment:

On February 3rd, in Ohio things went off the rails. In the small town of East Palestine, because of a major tanker failure, a 50 car freight train derailed causing fire and people fleeing from the site. Currently the town is told to execute because of a possible explosion by the derailed train. Not only is there a fear of explosion, but also for the release of toxic chemicals into the air and water. So far there have been no injuries or deaths. 




The 64th annual Grammy awards broke records. Sunday, February 5th, was the biggest night for music, performances from breakout star, Steve Lacy, hip-hop-pop star Lizzo, teenage favorite, Harry Styles and more stunned the stage. Beyoncé, became an official recorder breaker for most Grammy wins by any artist, with a total of 29 Grammy awards. Here’s the rundown for the biggest awards of the night: 

Best Album of the Year: Harry’s House by Harry Styles 

Song of the Year: “Just like that” by Bonnie Raitt

Best MV: “All to Well: The Short Film” by Taylor Swift




Photo taken by Voice of America, Feb. 6th.


A massive earthquake shook Syria and Turkey on February 6th. The initial quake with a magnitude of 7.8 followed by 7.5 aftershocks has so far left 5,150 (as of Feb 7) people dead, 8,000 injured, and 2,800 buildings destroyed. People in the Middle East are fleeing in fear of the possible aftershocks from the biggest seismic events in years. President Biden is sending teams to Turkey to aid in the aftermath. 





2023 State of the Union Address:

On February 7, President Biden will give his 2nd State of the Union speech to the people of the United States. Expectations are high for President Biden, within a climate of high inflation, high anxiety, and high division. Biden will have to address the current issues facing America and give answers to the American public. Some politicians are even theorizing President Biden announcing his 2024 reelection campaign during this year’s speech.