Valor Reinvents Chapel


For the first time in Valor history, chapel is getting a change. For three weeks leading up to spring break, students won’t have chapel in the auditorium, but will participate in one of the 17 chapels of their choice. 

Jeremiah Ziegler and Zach Gautier, together worked on creating this new chapel experience for students. 

“We were asking a lot of questions about what it is like for students to be at chapel every week, like the dynamic of meeting at the same place at the same time and the effect that that can have through the year on creating complacency and boredom,” said Jeremiah Ziegler, Valor Christian Spiritual Formation Coordinator. “Changing it up is important, and we were thinking of ways we could do that,” Ziegler said. “And hearing staff say they want more opportunities to pour into students spiritually in different ways.” 

The student body is excited about getting to choose a chapel of their choice. Senior Macy Chole is not an exception. “I think it’s great that we are going to be able to choose something that is interesting to us for chapel,” she said. “This doesn’t always happen so I think it’s going to be a good change.” 

Led by teachers from all different departments, the choice chapels cover a large spectrum of topics, with a total of 17 different chapel options. Choice chapel is focused on catering to the broad interest of the student body. From the Bible and Bitcoin to the Glory of Weakness, students will have the opportunity to learn about God in all different areas. 

“We have a lot of teachers sign up, and teachers team up [to lead choice chapels.] It’s cool because God has put things on staff hearts to pour into students with, but also their experience and passions,” Ziegler explained. “We just opened it up and I’m grateful for the ones who signed up to do it.” 

Teachers signed up to teach a chapel about one of their passions. “The goal is for students to have the opportunity to be ministered to through their interests, where they’re at now, and what God has put on their heart,” Zeigler said. Both students and teachers are excited to get to learn more about each other’s interests and create deeper connections through Biblical discussion.

Some of the choice chapels are creating the space for new discussions.“I think I’m going to choose the chapel about the women in the Bible, led by Hutch, Hendershot and Edison,” Chole said. “In chapel we usually talk about the men in the Bible or other things, so I’m excited to hear more about the importance of women in Christianity.” 

While other choice chapels are focused on different expressions of Christianity, “I’m really interested in the art therapy one,” Ziegler said. “But I know that one is going to be smaller because of the environment that they want to create, so a lot of students are going to be bummed out about not being able to get into that one.”

Choice Chapels are a great opportunity for the student body to find new ways to engage with Christianity, meet other students interested in the same things as them, and form new connections with teachers and staff.

But some choice chapels are filling up quickly, so remember to sign up by Wednesday, February 1!