Do You Want to Perform Better in Games? – Food Habits for Athletes


What do you eat before games? Do you drink enough water? Do you prioritize what you eat? These are all key questions to ask yourself if you’re an athlete who is constantly working out and practicing. 

At Valor we have over 100 athletes and offer 25 different sports activities to students. The main goal at Valor is “for everyone to experience sport as an act of worship.” For all athletes at Valor, it’s important for them to prioritize their eating and drinking habits. Eating healthy and constantly drinking is important because athletes’ bodies are constantly at high stress levels and will benefit from proper nutrition.

The most important things for athletes are calories, carbohydrates, fluids, minerals, and proteins. Medline Plus says, “eating a good diet can provide the energy you need to finish a race.” This is not only for runner’s but other athletes too because all athletes need energy for games, practice, workouts, etc. 

It can sometimes be hard to eat healthy but some common foods that will benefit you are vegetables, fruits, cereals (preferably whole grain), lean meat, dairy, and especially water. All of these foods are also great to eat before games or races in order to prepare. 

The Kansas Health System says, “hydration is important for all athletes.” It’s important for the body to drink liquids because it regulates body temperature and transports nutrients and waste out of the body. Without water we are at risk of cramps, dizziness, fatigue, and heat illness. All of these things are preventable but as athletes, we are at a much higher risk than the average person.

As an athlete, if you want to become faster, stronger, and more flexible, paying attention to the foods you are eating and the things you are drinking will lead you to success. A US Olympic triathlete says, “Changes in diet can be made quickly and can have an immediate effect on how your body works.”