How are you giving back this holiday season?

This year Sofia Cho is giving back by supplying clothes to homeless people. She plans to pick up used or unwanted clothes such as jackets boots and gloves from places like goodwill. Then with the supplys she’s going to head to downtown Denver and hand out the necessities to people who need them. Any persons who are struggling during this winter living on the streets will soon seek help. It is important to give to others in need with stuff that we possibly have no use for anymore. Some people can’t control themselves and either have some mental condition or physical problems that make it very hard for them to get a job and work for money. Our society sees them as a mistake, not giving them a job allows them to live a life, But we have to understand that they are also real people just like you and me and happened to not be as fortunate as us. Sofia Cho is a great role model that we should look up to. She realizes the conditions that these people are living in and decides to take advantage of it instead of being lazy worry about herself.