Girls Volleyball: On Their Way to State

As the volleyball team goes into state, they are having an extraordinary season. The team is ranked first in the state with a record of 25-0 with seven league wins. Their WP is also 1.000 for the season overall. The players all love and respect each other and “everyone loves the other.” Jayne McHugh is the head coach of the volleyball team. She loves to coach and believes “This team is extra special!”.


Having such an experienced team this year ensures great success, as they work well together. This means that everyone on the team understands the game and is willing to work hard. The team also trusts each other and has each other’s backs, relieving a lot of pressure. This allows for great team chemistry and a lot of success. 


The team has a lot of hope for the state tournament. Coach McHugh says,This team loves and trusts each other, so they are nothing but excited and hopeful about this weekend.” The team’s undefeated season is also a testament of the love each of the athletes have for the game. All of the players have spent countless hours practicing and playing, so being undefeated is such a reward. The team always wants to play to the best of their ability, and hopefully the team’s love and support for one another leads to a state championship for this extraordinary team.


Throughout the season, the team has gotten closer. They were able to go out of state to Nevada to play in a tournament and Lake Tahoe as a team, where they created great memories. All of these things lead to great team comradery. 


Overall, the volleyball team has had a great year and hopefully they bring home the title. Just like Coach McHugh said, “GO EAGLES!!”. `