Valor Parents Getting Involved in School!


Members of Valor Parent Association have a conversation. (Photo by Kiara Gaibor)

Are you and your family new to Valor Christian? Having trouble with your child transitioning into high school? Valor is here for you. 

VPA– Valor Parent Association offers a time to group together with other parents, discuss topics about supporting their student, and drink coffee! Each academic year at Valor presents its own unique challenges. The Valor Parent Association will address some of these and inform parents about the services available to address those concerns. It will be interactive, with time to talk together at tables and engage in large group dialogue. This is a time for parents to understand their student and help support them throughout their high school carrer.

Valor offers many other ways parents can be involved. Valor provides parent bible studies. Men of Valor runs every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 am, and led by Tim Welch. All dads and guardians are welcome to join in the Upper Lobby of the Valor Center. The fall semester of 2022’s theme is ‘Coaching your kids in the Game of Life’. And for the mothers of Valor, Valor Moms Bible Study is on Thursdays from 8:30–10:00 am. The Moms Bible Study is at Cornerstone Church, 9941 Lone Tree Parkway, Lone Tree. If you cant make it to that one, thats okay! There is also a Evening Valor Moms Bible Study, that will meet twice monthly from 6:45-8:15 pm in the Valor Center Upper Lobby. To receive more information, keep an eye out for the Valor Weekly Newsletter in your email. 

Want to be active with the moms at Valor? Well theres a club for you! Valor offers a Moms Hiking club. Becky Shultz runs the Valor Moms Hike. This gives a great opportunity to connect with the Valor community, and enjoy Gods creations. To find out more information of dates and time of when these events happen, continue to look at the Valor Weekly Newsletter, and click the link to sign up!