One of the Most Important Events at Valor Christian: College Day

Many students at Valor Christian High School are interested in going to a wide range of colleges. On September 29, 2022, Valor Christian put on a College Day for an opportunity for students and parents to learn and hear from 90 different colleges around the world. College Day consisted of four 40-minute classroom presentations, a panel discussion about colleges for parents, and a College Fair for the entire school and colleges. Valor Christian finds that hearing from a wide number of colleges allows for the best success for their students’ future. 


Juniors and sophomores attended four different 40-minute college presentations and heard descriptions of what made each college unique. In a survey, juniors had the opportunity to choose the colleges they wanted to hear from. Each presentation featured a College Admission Representative who discussed what made each college unique.  


Valor Christian also found it important to involve parents in the college search process and to allow them to get information about colleges. The parent panels in the morning included College Fit 101, Financial Aid, Christian Colleges, Athletic Recruitment, Valor Alumni Panel, Standardized Testing, and Options Outside the Box. Options Outside the Box includes highlighted information about Gap Years, Trade Schools, and Military Programs; because they found it important to show there are other paths other than college.


At the end of the day, students and parents were invited to a College Fair where all 90 colleges set up tables around the main gym and Admission Representatives represented each of their colleges. The colleges gave out information like degree programs, locations, dorm life, athletics, arts programs, and other information they were curious about depending on the college. This allowed students to ask questions to colleges that they had not seen yet, and the opportunity to explore colleges that they wanted to hear more information from. 


After the event was over Zonya Hamilton got feedback and, “We have received very positive feedback from parents, students, and college admission representatives from this event.” So, in conclusion, this event allowed students to get more information about college and what they want their future to look like.