Safety Demonstrations Draw Crowds and Leave Lasting Impression

Safety Week At Valor

South Metro Fire Rescue give a demonstration to Valor Students Sept 21, 2022.

This week Valor Christian High School is partnering with the Douglas county Sheriff’s office, the south Metro Safety Foundation and Centura Health for “Safety Week”.

Every day there was something new to try, and the students got the opportunity to participate in simulations, tests and games! Monday we started off with a distracted driving simulator; one student would be in control of the wheel and would have different things thrown at them to see their reaction times. Tuesday we got to put on a pair of impairment goggles and attempt to drive through a course on the golf cart. On Wednesday, Air Life came in with the Metro Fire Department, to give a demonstration on how first responders arrive on scene to an accident. Along with the helicopter landing, we also got to see different vehicles cut up in the parking lot, to demonstrate what might happen during an accident.

A survivor vehicle was also on campus the whole week. Officer Dan Palermo tells us that the driver survived the crash since they wore their seatbelt. “This whole week is an emphasis on seatbelt wearing, impairment driving, and the medical response.”¬†Officer Palermo also tells us how its important for teens to see and hear this experience since they are new drivers, and it’s a big responsibility driving a motor vehicle.

When asked what the reaction to these demonstrations has been from the students, Officer Palermo told us how they have really enjoyed it so far, and had lots of fun with it, but that he hopes they will see and take away the important lesson with it as well.

“It’s a very important week for students to learn about different types of safety. I just hope they all learn something from this, take something back. If we can save one life, it’ll be great.”