The Big 5: The Top Five News Stories this Week (2/25-3/3)

Happy March! A new season has begun, with the onset of a new month, change seems to be in the air. From legation on social media ban to changes in political offices, new matches have been lit. However, not everything can change, some of the old always stays.


NASA Deputy Administrator, Lori Garver, gives the keynote address at the Women, Innovation and Aerospace event celebrating Women’s History Month. Photo Credit: (NASA/Carla Cioffi) (NASA/Carla Cioffi)

Women’s History Month 

March is Women’s History Month. Dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women throughout history, March marks one of the many history months celebrated in the U.S. Beginning on March 1, companies and other organizations began showing their support for women. This month can help bring to light the many women who helped shape the United States. From Abigail Adams and Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks and the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris, women have been deeply influential in U.S. history and continue to be in the current day. Happy women’s history month! 



Another Train Wreck… 

On Tuesday night, a passenger train carrying over 300 passengers collided with a freight train in Northern Greece. The high-speed collision killed 57 people and injured at least 85. According to initial reports, the two trains were traveling on the same track in opposite directions when they collided. The cause of the collision is currently under investigation, but authorities believe that a signaling error may have been to blame. The government has promised a full investigation into the incident to determine the cause of the accident and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. The event caused a massive uproar among Greek citizens. Ultimately leading to a march of thousands in Athens.

Murdaugh Trials 

On March 3, Alex Murdaugh, disbarred South Carolina lawyer, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his wife and son in June 2021. The sentencing marks the end of major controversy and media attention surrounding the Murdaugh family Recently, Murdaugh also faced three counts of insurance fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and one count of obtaining property by false pretenses. The indictments alleged that Murdaugh arranged for his son to be killed so that he could collect a $10 million life insurance policy and that he conspired with a former client to stage his own shooting to further his financial gain.


Photo of the former Chicago mayor.

Chicago Mayoral Race

On Tuesday, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor lost her bid for re-election. The democrat did not get enough votes to move on to the April 4th Run-off election. Lightfoot, known especially for her position as the first black woman to be Chicago mayor, has recently faced a lot of backlash for increased Chicago crime rates, which spiked during her leadership. In fact, a recent poll said 63% of Chicagoans said they didn’t feel safe. The mayoral race will now be down to Paul Vallas, a former CEO of Chicago schools, and Brandon Johnson, a Cook County commissioner endorsed by the Chicago Teachers Union. Vallas has chosen a more “law + order” centered approach, while Johnson is more of a progressive. Regardless of who wins, it’s clear that Chicagoans want a change.




TikTok? What Should We Do With It? 

Recently, the United States, Europe, and Canada have all made efforts to restrict the China-owned social media application – TikTok. Due to security concerns, many countries have begun to ban the app on all official devices. In the U.S., there are talks of President Biden banning the app from all devices. The privacy and security risks of TikTok are nothing new. The Trump administration has raised concerns about the app’s handling of user data and alleged ties to the Chinese government. This has led to discussions about banning the app entirely or forcing it to divest from its parent company, ByteDance. TikTok has denied any accusations of sharing user data with the Chinese government, stating that it stores its user data outside of China and has implemented strict data privacy measures. However, the U.S. government remains unconvinced and has threatened to take action against the app. A potential ban on TikTok could have significant consequences for its millions of users, many of whom use the app for entertainment, education, and social connection. It could also have implications for the future of international tech regulation and the relationship between the U.S. and China. The situation is ongoing and it remains to be seen what actions if any, will be taken against the app.