Valor Christian High school is an excellent college prep school that prepares students for their next step in life. Students work extra hard, and there are so many tests that Valor uses to check the student’s progress. But how do you study for these tests? We interviewed Dillon Watson, a Valor sophomore who said, “I wish I would have studied harder for finals, but I didn’t know how.” Well, here are some tips for better studying when facing a test. 


It is tough when studying for a test; sometimes, you must figure out what to study and how much of the topic you need to know. When you are studying, teachers at Valor recommend that you put your phone away so that you don’t have any distractions and consistently take breaks to ensure you don’t override your brain. Sometimes when you study too hard, you can get tired and not remember the subject correctly. One of Valor’s favorite teachers, Mr. E, said, “Put technology away, study for 20 minutes, and then 10 minutes you can reward yourself”. Putting technology away is such an excellent thing to do because it will want and encourage you to study. Your phone is a reward for studying so hard and a good break from studying. Just make sure you don’t stay on your phone, continue studying after you reward yourself, and know, that if you study hard for the next 20 minutes, you will get 10 minutes on your phone. 


A lot of times, it gets hard to stay focused on studying, you want to say you did it, but when you get to the quiz, you realize that you didn’t end up studying. Mrs. Goeman, a Bible teacher at Valor, says, “My biggest study tip for tests is actually study.” It will help you to study, and it will help when you memorize the study guide because, most likely, your teachers have put everything on the study guide on the test. Use your resources because you never know how much they will help you. 


Lastly, sometimes it is hard to memorize things, so what do you do when you need to learn how or improve memorizing? “Make funny acronyms to remember things,” says Mrs. Hendershot, a History teacher at Valor. Remember the acronym as you go through the test, and it will help you remember terms. 


Valor is a school that always works hard to push our students and to make them successful. Being successful all starts with well test-taking. Study hard, put away technology, and make acronyms. If you do these things, you will be very successful and feel more confident about test-taking.